Temporary Organization Introduced to Motor Vehicle of Over 12 Tons Traffic on Holidays, Fridays and Sundays between 1 July and 15 September

13.03.2014 15:56
heavy.jpgA temporary organization of the traffic of the heavy-weight motor vehicles of over 12 tons will be introduced on holidays and during the active tourist season – from 1 July to 15 September along sections of the national road network. The goal is the provision of higher safety of the more intense traffic during this time period.

The Public Procurement for the Rehabilitation of Another 14 km of Trakia Motorway is Open

28.02.2014 15:03
am_trakia_1.jpgThe tender procedure for the rehabilitation of another 14.4 km from the old sections of  Trakia Motorway is open. They are on the territory of the region of Plovdiv. Project Lot 27B of „Transit Roads V“ Program is for the rehabilitation of Trakia motorway (Sofia-Plovdiv) from km 119+200 to km 133+600, inclusive of all the big structures and links of the road junctions: „Benkovski“, „Plovdiv-West“, „Plovdiv-North“ and „Plovdiv-East“. The indicative value of the procurement is 20 million Euro.

The Public Procurement for the Rehabilitation of Over 32 km of the Old Sections of Trakia Motorway Starts Up

26.02.2014 21:14
remont_magistra.jpgThe public procurement for the design and rehabilitation of over 32 km of the old sections of Trakia motorway has been opened. They are at the exit of Sofia and on the territory of the region of Pazardjik. The Project Lot 27А of „Transit Roads V“ Program includes: section 1 – design and rehabilitation of Trakia motorway (Sofia – Plovdiv) from km 5+500 to km 10+000 – left carriageway and from km 5+500 to km 10+000 – right carriageway; section 2 – „Rehabilitation of Trakia motorway (Sofia – Plovdiv) – from km 63+000 to km 90+200 – right carriageway and from km 62+500 to km 90+200 – left carriageway, inclusive of the adjacent road links of road junctions „Tserovo“, „Kalugerovo“ and „Gelemenovo“.

The New 24 km Section of Road I-5 Kardjali – Podkova is Open to Traffic

04.02.2014 12:30
sitedeady_04_01_2014.jpgThe new 24-kilometer section from road I-5 Kardjali – Podkova, a part of the road for Greece through Makaza, is open to the traffic. The Project is cо-financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union and the national budget under Operational Program on Transport 2007-2013. The Minister of Regional Development Desislava Terzieva, the Deputy Minister of Transport Petar Kirov, the Chairman of the Management Board of Road Infrastructure Agency, eng. Stefan Chaykov, members of Parliament, the mayors of Kardjali, Djebel, Momchilgrad, Kirkovo, etc. attended the official ceremony.