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Issue of permits for special road use through the operation of advertising facilities - 1505

Legal grounds for the provision of the administrative service / issue of the individual administrative decision:

     The Road Act - Art. 18, Para. 1, in conjunction with Art. 26, Para. 3

     Ordinance on Special Road Use - Art. 16

Authority, providing the administrative service / issuing the individual administrative decision:

     Managing Board of the Road Infrastructure Agency or its authorized official representative

Administrative Service Units, receiving documents and providing information on the progress of the file:

     The Road Infrastructure Agency and the Regional Road Administrations - address, e-mail address, contact information, telephone numbers and working time - the data of the Central Administration and all District Road Directorates are specified in the end.

Procedure for providing the administrative service/issue of the individual administrative decision, requirements and necessary documents:

     Internal Instructions on the Application of the Ordinance for the Special Road Use

Template Forms to be filled in for the provision of the administrative service

     Application for the issue of permit on special road use through the operation of an advertising facility

Applying for the Service

     Acceptance of the application and the accompanying documents at the respective Regional Road Administration

Information on the electronic provision of the service: Level of provision and web address of the service:

     The service will not be provided electronically

Validity of the document/the individual administrative decision:

     10 years

Charges or prices, basis for their determination and payment terms

The service shall be paid

     Tariff of charges collected by the Road Infrastructure Agency

The following payment options shall be available for the service:

     Bank transfer

Authority, controlling the activity of the service provider:

     the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works

Rules and regulations, governing the service provision, including time limits for appealing the actions of the service provider:

     The actions of the service provider may be appealed before the Administrative Court within 14 days of serving the respective decision.

E-mail address for proposals with regard to the service:

     E-mail address for

Terms of Receiving Service Deliverables: By mail, addressed to the Regional Road Administrations or to the Road Infrastructure Agency