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The Toll System is 100% Ready and Handed Over to the Road Infrastructure Agency

16.08.2019 15:41
photo_02.jpgThe Chairman of the Management Board of the Road Infrastructure Agency, Georgi Terziyski, accepted the symbolic key for the electronic toll collection system based on travel distance from the contractor of the project for design, construction and commissioning of the system – Kapsch Traffic Solutions DZZD. As of today, the Road Infrastructure Agency will operate the electronic system through the National Toll Administration in the toll section as well, and not only for e-vignettes, as it was up until now.

Bids for the construction of 54 km of the road Vidin – Ruzhintsi were opened

13.08.2019 16:24
imagesCA6OQ3A7.jpgBids under the public procurement procedure for design and construction relating to the modernization of 54.3 km from road I-1 (E-79) Vidin – Botevgrad, in the section from Vidin to Ruzhintsi, were opened. The indicative value of construction and assembly works is nearly BGN 460 million, VAT excluded. The implementation of this project will be funded by the republican budget.

RIA Starts Public Procurement for Construction and Supervision of 54 km of Road Vidin – Rushintsi

05.07.2019 15:20
Karta_Vidin-Botevgrad.jpgRoad Infrastructure Agency starts public procurements for design and construction works and for supervision of the modernization of 54,3 km of road I-1 (E-79) Vidin – Botevgrad, in the section from Vidin to Rushintsi. The indicative value of the construction and assembly works is nearly BGN 460 million (excluding VAT). The project will be funded by the republican budget. The deadline for submission of tenders for the construction is 12 August of the current year, and for the supervision – 15 August of the current year.

The TolI System will be Ready for Technical Operation from August 16th

25.06.2019 16:00
photo_02.jpgThe electronic toll collection system based on travelled distance – toll, for vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes is ready to be put into operation from August 16th. On-the-spot system tests will be performed with real-time data from on-board units and route passes for an estimation of the costs of carriers.  

Starting Tomorrow, about 5-km Section of Kalotina - Slivnitsa Road will be Closed for Traffic. The Restriction is Due to the Construction of the Future Europe Motorway

25.06.2019 15:34
Karta_Dragoman-Slivnitza_02.jpgStarting tomorrow – June 26, about 5-kilometer section of I-8 Kalotina – Slivnitsa road closes for traffic and it will be redirected along the old Kalotina – Sofia road. The restriction for vehicles in the range from km 15 + 600 to km 20 + 940 is due to the construction of a section of the future Europe Motorway, which will connect Sofia with BCP Kalotina. It is planned that until 20 November this year the traffic will pass along the old road to Kalotina – municipal road SFO3214.
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