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The Road Infrastructure Agency is in the Process of Preparing All Necessary Conditions and Procedures for Establishing Contractual Relationship with Service Providers and Points of Sales

15.10.2018 15:36
API_building_2016_.JPGWith regard to the the amendments to the Roads Act adopted on September 28 and specified therein dates for introduction of a mixed charging system - e-vignette for light and heavy goods vehicles as of 01.01.2019 and toll for heavy good vehicles above 3.5 tons from 16.08.2019 we would like to bring to your attention the following: The Road Infrastructure Agency is in the process of preparing all necessary conditions and procedures for establishing contractual relationship with service providers and points of sales as foreseen in the EU directives and the national laws for sale and purchase of the above mentioned road taxes.

The Offers for Selection of Contractor of the Mezdra - Botevgrad Road will be Submited in December

12.10.2018 13:44
Mezdra_Botevgrad.jpgThe Road Infrastructure Agency started a tender procedure for selection of contractor for construction of 33 km of road I-1 between Mezdra and Botevgrad. The project will be funded by the state budget. The total indicative cost is close to 302 million BGN, VAT excluded. For the first time, a new payment scheme will be implemented with regard to the performance of public contracts, which envisages that the contractor will receive the total amount under the contract only after Act 16 for project completion has been signed and permission for use of the newly built section has been issued. The goal is to ensure that future contractors work as efficiently as possible and complete the project within a short period and with high quality.

The Purchase of an Electronic Vignette will Take a Minimum Amount of Time at a Self-service Terminal

18.09.2018 15:50
photo_evignette_-_18.09_1.jpgThe purchase of an electronic vignette will take a minimum amount of time at a self-service terminal for passenger vehicles of up to 3.5 tonnes. As of 01.01.2019, vignettes become electronic, and drivers can purchase them at a self-service terminal, through a web portal, via mobile application and at a sales office of the National Toll Management Administration to the Road Infrastructure Agency. The goal is maximum comfort and facilitation to users.

Road Infrastructure Agency Opens Pubic Procurement Procedures for Design and Construction of Struma Motorway, the Carriageway to Sofia through the Kresna Gorge

28.08.2018 18:03
AM_Struma_lot_4_lenta_2.JPGThe Road Infrastructure Agency opens public procurement procedures for selection of Contractor for design and construction of the carriageway to Sofia of Struma Motorway, in the Kresna – Krupnik section. This is the carriageway from Kulata to Sofia and will pass on the eastern side of the Kresna Gorge on a new alignment. The section is 23.6 km long. A total of 7 tunnels, 21 viaducts, 4 road junctions and 12 underpasses and overpasses will be built.

Construction of Hemus Мotorway New Section from Buhovtsi Road Junction to Belokopitovo Road Junction Has Started

16.08.2018 12:30
Photo-Hemus-16.08.2018-1.JPG“In Northern Bulgaria, we go from talk to action. The long-awaited project to finish Hemus motorway in its eastern part, between the cities of Tarhovishte and Shumen, is now a fact. I am convinced that with our joined efforts we will complete this work in high quality and even ahead of the deadline.” Those were the words of Nikolay Nankov, minister of regional development and public works, at the groundbreaking ceremony of the new 16.32 km of Hemus motorway from Belokopitovo road junction to Buhovtsi road junction.
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