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The Laying of the First Asphalt Layers along the Route between Boaza andRroad junction Dermantsi on the Hemus Motorway, has started

10.12.2020 10:19
photo_01.jpgThe laying of the first asphalt layers along the route of the Hemus motorway in the section from Boaza to the Dermantsi road junction has started at the intersection with the third-class road III-307 Lukovit - Ugarchin. This is section 1, with a length of 15.2 km, from the phased construction of 134 km of the motorway between the Boaza road junction and the connection with the road I-5 Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo, which started in April last year.

The Road Infrastructure Agency Has Launched a Public Procurement for the Design and Construction of the First 75.6 km of the Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo Motorway

07.12.2020 09:46
Karta-AM_Ruse_Veliko_Tarnovo_07.12.2020.jpgThe Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) has launched a public procurement for the appointment of contractors for the development of technical projects and the construction of the first 75.6 km of the Ruse-Veliko Tarnovo motorway. The tender procedure is in two separate positions. The first one comprises the section from Ruse to Byala, and in the second one comprises the bypass road of the town of Byala. The estimated value of the contract is BGN 982.74 million without VAT. The deadline for submission of bids is January 21, 2021. The documents for starting the procedure have been sent to the Public Procurement Agency and are to be published. The project route of the motorway is a total of 132.84 km and is divided into three sections: Ruse - Byala, bypass of the town of Byala, and Byala - Veliko Tarnovo. The RIA has proposed to the Managing Authority of the Transport and Transport Infrastructure Operational Program the project for the construction of the Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo Motorway to be included for funding from the future program Transport Connectivity 2021-2027. The motorway will start 3 km east of the Danube bridge near the town of Ruse, at the road junction with road II-21 Ruse - Silistra, and will reach the town of Debelets, where traffic will be divided in the direction of the Republic Pass and Shipka Pass. The public procurement is announced on the basis of a developed and approved conceptual design, according to which the design gauge of the motorway is G27, with two active and one emergency traffic lanes per direction, middle dividing strip and banquets.

The First Section of Europe Motorway between Dragoman and Slivnitsa Is Ready /video/

10.11.2020 09:31
AM_Evropa_Dragoman-Slivnica_2.jpgThe first 17-km section of Europe Motorway between Dragoman and Slivnitsa is ready. The investment is for BGN 117.3 million and is from the national budget. The construction works on the direct route have been completed half a year earlier than planned under the contract and drivers already use it. The modernization of the first-class road I-8 Dragoman-Slivnitsa (from km 15+500 to km 32+447.20) was started last May. A second carriageway was built in the section, and the old one was reconstructed to a motorway gauge. There are two traffic lanes in each direction and an emergency lane in the section.

Traffic Sets off Tomorrow in a 2.5-km Section of the Direct Route of Sofia Ring Road’s Southern Arc from the Link with Trakia Motorway to the German Road Junction

31.10.2020 12:24
Yujna_daga_31.10_1.jpgTomorrow - November 1st, to facilitate traffic in winter, traffic is released in a 2.5-km section of the direct route of the Southern Arc of Sofia Ring Road from the link with Trakia Motorway to the German road junction. The section is part of the reconstruction of a 6-km section of the Ring Road between Mladost Residential District and Trakia Motorway. The aim is to facilitate traffic in the upcoming winter months and to increase it. Traffic is released with temporary organisation, temporary road marking and next year the on-site work will continue with the laying of the last asphalt layer and the completion of all finishing works.

From November 2nd, Traffic of Trucks over 10 Tons Through the Petrohan Pass is Banned

28.10.2020 11:50
lorry_road_variant.jpgFrom November 2nd (Monday) the traffic of trucks over 10 tons through the Petrohan Pass - II-81 Montana – Kostinbrod road is banned. This week the section will continue to be used as a bypass route for vehicles over 12 tons travelling from Vidin to Sofia, passing through the pass due to the modernisation of road I-1/E-79 Mezdra-Botevgrad, in the Rebarkovo-Lyutidol section.