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The Construction of North Speed Tangent Starts up

18.02.2015 15:40

photo05-18.01.2015.JPGThe construction of the North Speed Tangent from km 0+000 to km 16+540 starts up. Its total length is 16,54 km. The Project – Lot 70 of Operational Program Regional Development 2007-2013 is cо-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the national budget.




At the ceremony of the symbolic first sod turn on the site  the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Mrs. Lilyana Pavlova, handed in to the Chairman of the Management Board of Road Infrastructure Agency, eng. Lazar Lazarov, the Construction Permit of the Project. The Mayor of Sofia, Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova, the Regional Governor, Veselin Penev and others attended the ceremony.  

The Tangent is not a part of the Pan-European Transport Corridors but it establishes an important, fast and direct connection between the main road directions concentrated within the region. These are Corridors IV, VIII and X of the Trans-European Transport Network, through which the traffic from and for Greece, Romania, the Republic of Macedonia and Serbia passes. The infrastructure project is important for Sofia and the country, as the traffic from Trakia and Hemus Motorways, road I-8 Kalotina – Sofia, I-6 Sofia – Burgas, second-class and third-class roads of the national road network is also included into the flow of motor vehicles along Sofia Ring Road (SRR).

The beginning of the section – km 0+000, is to the west of SRR, at about 1,1 km after the fork for the village of Mramor, at 2 km after the fork for Lomsko Shose and at 3,5 km before the fork for Novi Iskar to road II-16 Mezdra – Sofia. The end of the section is at km 16+540 to the east of SRR, at 1,1 km after the new part of Hemus Motorway.

The alignment of the road passes through the territories of the districts of Trebich, Iliyantsi, Benkovski, Malashevtsi, Orlandovtsi and Vrazhdebna. The construction of 6 road lanes, 3 in one direction each, is forеseen. Construction is foreseen of 19 large structures, 5 road junctions – road junction Rozhen Blvd., road junction Iliyantsi Blvd., road junction Chepinsko Shose Blvd., road junction East Tangent and road junction Sofia Ring Road – Hemus Motorway. The route passes over the rivers Kakach, Vladayska, Perlovska and Iskar, crosses 20 electric power lines and gas pipelines and 20 water supply and sewerage systems. The Project is one of the most complicated ones from the technical point of view. The term for its completion is by the end of year 2015.

A convenient connection will be provided between the northwestern and the southeastern districts of Sofia with the construction of the North Speed Tangent. It is expected that the access of the most distant districts to the center of the capital will be improved, that the traffic will be facilitated and that the time for traveling will be reduced with the new route. The construction of the new road section will contribute to the alleviation of the traffic through its reallocation from the center of Sofia and Sofia Ring Road.

HPVS-SST Consortium is the Contractor of the Project which the following participate in: Hydrostroy JSC, Patni Stroezhi Veliko Tarnovo JSC, Patengineeringstroy JSC, Patstroy Burgas LTD and Vodstroy 98 JSC. The value of the Contract for Design and Construction is BGN 180 million inclusive of VAT. The construction supervision will be exercised by Association SGS TEHNOS – SGS BULGARIA, which the following participate in: SGS Bulgaria LTD, city of Sofia and SGS Tehnos S.A., Spain. Their Contract is for BGN 882 thousand inclusive of VAT.


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