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The Contract for Design and Construction of Zheleznitsa Tunnel on Struma Motorway has been Signed

12.02.2019 11:26

Lot_3.1_AM_Struma_Tunel_Jeleznitsa.jpgThe contract for design and construction of Zheleznitsa Tunnel on Struma Motorway has been signed. The facility will have a length of about 2 km and will be the longest road tunnel, built in Bulgaria so far. The contract was awarded to DZZD „AM STRUMA TUNNEL 2018“, in which participate: „GP GROUP“ AD, „GLOBAL CONSTRUCTION“ OOD and „VIA PLAN“ EOOD. The value of the contract amounts to BGN 185 370 370, 37, exclusive of VAT. The project will be co-financed by the European Union Cohesion Fund and the national budget through the Operational Programme “Transport and Transport Infrastructure” 2014-2020.



Subject to the provisions laid down in the Public Procurement Act, the Road Infrastructure Agency proceeded with signing the contract after the Supreme Administrative Court ruled in favor of API decision on Contractor selection. In this regard, on 15 January the Agency sent a request to the successful candidates – DZZD „AM STRUMA TUNNEL 2018“ and DZZD „AM Struma-ОP2: Zheleznitsa Tunnel“, for the extension of the bids validity period. In responses received, confirmation of their bid proposal was given by DZZD „AM STRUMA TUNNEL 2018“, while DZZD „AM Struma-OP2: Zheleznitsa Tunnel“ (in which participate „GLAVBOLGARSTROY“ AD and „GBS- Infrastructural Construction“ AD) did not extend the validity period.

The timeframe for elaboration of the design and fulfillment of the construction and assembly works of Zheleznitsa Tunnel (from km 366+720 to km 369+000) is 1060 calendar days. The facility will have two separate tubes for movement in each direction. The length of each tube will be about 2 km. The tunnel will be equipped with all necessary systems for energy-efficient lighting, ventilation, video monitoring, fire alarm, intelligent traffic management system, etc. A road intended to serve Zheleznitsa tunnel will also be built at its southern portal in Simitli direction, as well as a helicopter platform, two bridges over Suha Reka River, which will be respectively 132 m and 24 m long, a retaining wall, etc.

 Last year, RIA conducted a public procurement procedure for the selection of contractors for „Design and construction of Lot 3.1 of Zheleznitsa Tunnel on Struma Motorway“. The tender procedure included 3 separate positions – for the tunnel, and for the road before and after the facility, in order the works on the site to be carried out simultaneously and so that the project could be completed within the duration period of the operational programme. The contracts for the design and construction of the alignment before and after the tunnel facility were signed last year. The section before Zheleznitsa Tunnel in direction Sofia – Kulata (from km 366+000 to km 366+720) has a length of 720 m. It also includes a road intended to serve the tunnel, at its northern portal, and a bridge facility with a total length of 620 m. This section will be built by DZZD „Zheleznitsa – Sever“, in which participate: „GBS Infrastructural Construction” AD, Glavbolgarstroy AD and Glavbolgarstroy International EAD. The value of the contract amounts to BGN 29 985 345, exclusive of VAT. The section after Zheleznitsa Tunnel (from km 369+000 to km 370+400) is 1,4 km long. It will be built by „PST GROUP“ EAD. The value of the contract amounts to BGN 18 442 297,40, exclusive of VAT. The contract includes the design and construction of a motorway section with a length of 1,4 km, an agricultural underpass, retaining and fortifying walls, drainage facilities, the construction and reconstruction of engineering networks, and others.