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The Laying of the First Asphalt Layers along the Route between Boaza andRroad junction Dermantsi on the Hemus Motorway, has started

10.12.2020 10:19

photo_01.jpgThe laying of the first asphalt layers along the route of the Hemus motorway in the section from Boaza to the Dermantsi road junction has started at the intersection with the third-class road III-307 Lukovit - Ugarchin. This is section 1, with a length of 15.2 km, from the phased construction of 134 km of the motorway between the Boaza road junction and the connection with the road I-5 Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo, which started in April last year.


Currently, in the section between Boaza and the intersection with the road Pleven - Lovech, which is divided into three sections, excavations and embankments are being carried out, work is underway on large structures. The 51.5-kilometer section will have various types of large transport structures2 - viaducts, bridges, overpasses and underpasses.

The state company Avtomagistrali EAD, which is entrusted with the construction of the motorway, is working with full mobilization. In many places in section 1 the basis for starting asphalt works has been prepared, and where possible and depending on the meteorological conditions the first asphalt layers of the future roadway of the motorway are being laid.

In section 2, with a length of 19.2 km, located from the end of road junction Dermantsi to the connection with road III-3005 Radyuvene - Katunets, including road junction Kalenik, and in section 3, with a length of 17.08 km - from road junction Kalenik to the connection with road II-35 Pleven - Lovech, and road junction Pleven, earthworks and road works are being carried out. Activities for the construction of large structure are also being carried out.

In sections 4, 5 and 6 - from road junction Pleven to the crossing with road I-5 Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo, preparatory activities are carried out for cleaning the terrain and construction of temporary roads. For the last three sections of the Hemus motorway - 7, 8 and 9, which are located from the intersection with the road Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo to the road junction Buhovtsi, the research activities for preparation of technical projects continue, according to the agreed deadlines.

Construction is also progressing on the 16.3 km section between the road junctions Buhovtsi and Belokopitovo on the territory of the Shumen and Targovishte districts. The section is expected to be completed in the first half of 2021. The complete construction of the Hemus motorway by 2024 is a major priority in the Government Management Program, as the future of Northern Bulgaria and the modernization of the region is related to the construction of the motorway and ensuring fast and safe road communication. The motorway will connect Sofia with Varna and will duplicate the first-class roads E70 from Varna to Shumen, E772 from Shumen to Yablanitsa and E83 from Yablanitsa to Sofia.