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The New Section of Hemus Motorway – Link with Sofia Ring Road – Road Junction Yana Has Been Opened for Traffic

26.08.2013 11:06

AM_Hemus-photo01.jpgThe link of Hemus Motorway with Sofia Ring Road – road junction Yana has been opened for traffic. The total length of the new motorway section is 8,46 km. The Project is cо-financed by the EU Cohesion Fund and the state budget under Operational Programme on Transport 2007-2013. Senior Priest Yoan who conducted a ceremony for blessing with holy water for the health of builders and drivers, wished reasonable and safe traveling along the National Road Network.

 DZZD HEMUS A2 (a company under the Obligations and Contracts Act)  – with a leading Partner Trace Group Hold JSC, city of Sofia and partners Constructor Engineering JSC, Croatia and CK-13 Patstroy JSC, town of Pernik, is the Contractor of the construction and assembly works. The value of the Contract is in the amount of  38 340 371,34 BGN inclusive of VAT. The construction supervision was conducted by TRANSCONSULT – BG LTD. Their Contract is in the amount of 181 440 BGN inclusive of VAT. The author’s supervision of the direct route was exercised by PATPROJECT LTD. Their Contract is in the amount of 111 600 BGN inclusive of VAT.

The following activities were carried out under the Project – construction of direct alignment of Hemus Motorway from km 0+000 to km 8+460; construction of road junction with road I-6 at km 1+450 and of road junction Yana at km 8+460, reconstruction of  the road to the landfill site at km 1+990 with an overpass above the motorway, road Dolni Bogrov – Botunets at km 4+800 with a subway, road Botunets – Gorni Bogrov at km 6+810 with an overpass, a bridge over the Lesnovska River at km 3+040 with three spans, etc. 29 small-sized facilities were also built up – culverts and inverted siphons. The needed noise protective wall was placed beside the village of Gorni Bogrov.

The Project is a part of the Pan-European Transport Corridor No ІV. Hemus Motorway is connected to the new section by Sofia Ring Road. The traffic through the villages of Gorni Bogrov and Dolni Bogrov was considerably alleviated through this connection. The transit traffic will pass beyond the populated areas and the traffic jams, which have been formed at the inlet to and the output from the capital for years, will be overcome. Both traffic safety and comfort  will be increased and the security of the drivers and the citizens residing in this part of the capital will also be enhanced.


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