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The Prices of e-Vignettes for 2020 Remain Unchanged

10.12.2019 15:50

E-vignette.jpgThe prices of e-vignettes for all categories of road vehicles remain unchanged in 2020. Owners or drivers of cars will be able to buy a weekend vignette for BGN 10, weekly – for BGN 15, monthly – for BGN 30, quarterly – for BGN 54 or annual – for BGN 97.




Trucks and buses with a total technically permissible maximum mass of over 3.5 tonnes will continue to use the e-vignette until the introduction of the toll system no later than 01.03.2020. The prices of daily, weekly and monthly vignettes for them remain unchanged. Daily vignette for all vehicles over 3.5 tons costs BGN 23.

For vehicles with a total technically permissible maximum mass between 3.5 and 12 tons, eco-category Euro 0, I or II, the weekly e-vignette remains BGN 53 and the monthly e-vignette – BGN 105. For Euro III, IV, V or EEV eco-categories, the weekly e-vignette is BGN 40 and the monthly e-vignette is BGN 80.

The weekly vignette for heavy-duty trucks weighing over 12 tons with the Euro 0, I or II eco-category costs BGN 87 and the monthly one – BGN 174. For Euro III, IV, V or EEV emission classes the weekly vignette is BGN 67 and the monthly one is BGN 134.

E-vignettes can be purchased in several ways, offered by the RIA – via the website, through its mobile application, as well as at points of sale – at a counter for cash payment or through a self-charging terminal – by a card. There are counters at Kalotina, Kapitan Andreevo, Kulata, Danube Bridge – Ruse and Danube Bridge – Vidin, Stanke Lisichkovo and Silistra BCPs, as well as at 27 Regional Road Administrations throughout the country.

The validity of an already purchased e-vignette can be checked on the website. From the Check Vignette button, by entering the car registration number and the country in which it is registered, anyone can receive deadline information, regardless of where it was purchased - from the Road Infrastructure Agency's commercial premises or at the commercial RIA partners network. The status may be "active", "expired" or "unused" in cases where the vignette is purchased with a delayed start up to 30 days starting date of validity.

 Car owners who have e-vignettes issued through the Social Assistance Agency can check their validity on the RIA website – The button is labeled "Checking e-vignette issued through the Social Assistance Agency". The annual