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The Repair of the Section between Chirpan and Stara Zagora of Trakia Motorway is Expected to be Completed in the Middle of July

21.06.2021 15:56

AM_Trakia_-km_156_-_km_168_1.jpgThe repair of over 23 km of Trakia motorway between “Chirpan-east” and “Stara Zagora” road junctionsq is expected to be completed in the middle of July this year. The aim is the construction works in the section to be carried out with quality and the traffic to be restored within the shortest possible periods in order not to hinder the traffic in the active summer season.


The construction works in the section started at the end of April. During an inspection by the chair of the Board of Directors of the Road Infrastructure Agency, eng. Apostol Minchev, at the beginning of June, was found out that usage of poor-quality construction materials and materials which hadn’t been coordinated with the Roads and Bridges Institute, non-compliance with the technical instructions on behalf of the constructor, lack of competent technical manager for the asphalt-laying process etc. The necessary measures had been undertaken to adjust the work and comply with the technological processes.

The road-bed repair project envisages the load-carrying capacity of road to be restored using the cold recycling method, the drainage to be improved, a new asphalt covering to be laid, and new roadside barriers /crash barriers/, traffic markers and signs to be placed. Both roadways which have been in operation since 2007 are simultaneously under repair.

The renovation of the 23 km section is part of the stage-by-stage repair of a total of 52 km of Trakia Motorway /from 156th to 208th km/, launched in October last year. At the end of April this year, the repair of 16.5 km section/from the 168th to the 184th km/ between the connection with Maritsa Motorway and “Chirpan-East” road junction was completed, and last year another 12 km from the motorway between the road junctions “Belozem”  and “Orizovo” /from 156th to 168th  km/ were completed.

For the purpose of the execution of the construction activities in the section between Chirpan and Stara Zagora, both roadways are closed and the traffic uses a detour route. The people travelling from Sofia to Burgas  turn aside at “Chirpan-East” road junction of Trakia motorway and continue along II-66 road. From there they continue along the minor road until “Stara Zagora – Kolyo Ganchev” road junction which is a crossing of II-66 road and I-5 road from Stara Zagora to Dimitrovgrad. Then the traffic continues along I-5 road till “Stara Zagora” road junction where the drivers will enter Trakia motorway.

The people travelling from Burgas to Sofia turn aside at “Stara Zagora” road junction into I-5 road till “Stara Zagora – Kolyo Ganchev” road junction. Then they will drive on along II-66 road until  “Chirpan-East” road junction where they again enter Trakia motorway.

An alternative route to the section of Trakia motorway which is currently under repair is the sub-Balkan road I-6 from Sofia to Burgas. “Road Infrastructure” Agency appeals to the drivers to use also the first-class road for bigger comfort when travelling in the peak hours and days.