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Starting Tomorrow, about 5-km Section of Kalotina - Slivnitsa Road will be Closed for Traffic. The Restriction is Due to the Construction of the Future Europe Motorway

25.06.2019 15:34

Karta_Dragoman-Slivnitza_02.jpgStarting tomorrow – June 26, about 5-kilometer section of I-8 Kalotina – Slivnitsa road closes for traffic and it will be redirected along the old Kalotina – Sofia road. The restriction for vehicles in the range from km 15 + 600 to km 20 + 940 is due to the construction of a section of the future Europe Motorway, which will connect Sofia with BCP Kalotina. It is planned that until 20 November this year the traffic will pass along the old road to Kalotina – municipal road SFO3214.


The people travelling from Sofia to the Bulgarian-Serbian border on I-8 road will pass along a newly built road link, near the Aldomirovsko Blato, and will continue along the old route in the direction of Dragoman. 300 meters before the gas station ("Sara"), at the entrance of Dragoman, they will return along a newly built road link to the first-class road to Kalotina.


The people coming from the BCP Kalotina towards the capital will be redirected 300 meters after the gas station ("Sara"), which is at the exit of Dragoman in the direction of Sofia, to a newly built road link leading to the old route of I-8 road and will return back to the first-class road along a newly built road link near the overpass along which passes the municipal road to the Aldomirovsko Blato.

 The modernisation of 17 km of the first-class road I-8 between km 15 + 500 and km 32 + 447 started in mid-May. A second carriageway will be built in this section and the old one will be reconstructed. The investment is for BGN 117.3 million and it is funded from the state budget. The deadline for completion of the construction works is 2021.

The route of Europe Motorway between Kalotina and the Sofia Ring Road is 48 km long and is divided into three parts. The construction of the first two sections includes the modernisation of the existing I-8 first-class road between Kalotina and Slivnitsa. The first section from BCP Kalotina to Dragoman (km 1 to km 15 + 500), 14.5 km long, will be financed by the Connecting Europe Facility and the national budget. The construction works would begin shortly. The construction of the middle section between Dragoman and Slivnitsa, which will be closed for traffic, began in May. The route will have two carriageways – one for movement in each direction, and each carriageway will include two active lanes and one emergency lane. On the 16-kilometer stretch 11 large facilities – 3 agricultural underpasses, 2 underpasses, 5 overpasses, and a bridge over the Slivnishka River with a length of 50 m will be built.  Two road junctions will be constructed – “Slivnitsa 1” – at 25th  km, and “Slivnitsa 2” at 29th  km, as well as 8 rest area sites. The road junctions will also have energy-efficient road lighting. Reconstruction of water mains, power lines, and telegraph-telephone and fibre optic cables will be carried out. To preserve biodiversity in the area of Aldomirovsko Blato, paths for reptiles will be made that will pass through the culverts of the motorway. There will also be placed noise barriers and nets for birds, and sand/oil interceptors will purify the surface waters from the route in the Aldomirovsko Blato area.

The third section from Slivnitsa to the connection with the North Speed Tangent (from km 32 + 447 to km 48 + 61), with a length of 16 km, will pass along a new route. The technical design for the section is currently under preparation.