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The World Bank Will Consult Road Infrastructure Agency for the Introduction of a Toll System at the Use of the National Roads

13.02.2015 15:38

DSC_00277.jpgThe Chairman of the Management Board of the Road Infrastructure Agency, eng. Lazar Lazarov, and the Country Manager of the World Bank in our country, Mr. Tony Thompson signed an amendment to the Contract for Consultancy Service between the Road Infrastructure Agency and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. It is for the development of complete vision for implementation of European Electronic Toll Service. The document was signed in the presence of the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Mrs. Lilyana Pavlova.



The Agreement signed is the first serious step towards the implementation of tolls in Bulgaria, Minister Pavlova emphasized. By the end of year 2015 the financial institution will make an analysis of the possibilities and the variants for its implementation. It is foreseen that in the next few years the toll system will replace the vignette charges currently paid by the drivers for usage of the national road network.  

The activities under the Agreement with the World Bank are implemented under Project „Technical assistance for improvement the efficiency of the road sector in the Republic of Bulgaria”, financed under Operational Program Transport 2007-2013. Nearly BGN 1,4 million were saved from the management of the Project. This allows also for the inclusion of an additional activity, such as the development of complete vision for the introduction of tolls. „I do believe that the consultants who will be hired by the World Bank will be international experts with proven and rich experience in field of the toll systems. Their expertise is necessary for the successful implementation of this form of charging, new for the Bulgarian roads, but well known to Bulgarian drivers during their journeys abroad. „The toll system is the most fair form of charging because one pays for really passed kilometers and not for a time period – a week, a month or a year”, Eng. Lazarov pointed out.  

The World Bank is a consultant of the state road administration at the preparation of strategic documents related to increasing the efficiency and the steady development of the road sector, the institutional capacity and absorption of EU funds in the road infrastructure by year 2020.