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Strategic Road Projects with National Financing

Strategic Road Projects with National Financing

Hemus Motorway

The total length of Hemus Motorway (A2) is around 420 km. The sections from Sofia to Yablanitsa and from the village of Belokopitovo to Varna, with total length of about 170 km are in operation.

The alignment of Hemus Motorway is part of the European Road Network from the connection with Corridor IV in the west to Corridor IX near to the town of Veliko Tarnovo. The motorway will connect the eastern and the western parts of Bulgaria with the Trans-European Network. The completion of Hemus Motorway will speed up the economic and social convergence on a regional level and will have favorable impact on the business and on the creation of new jobs. The total number of population which will benefit from the improved infrastructure is around 2.9 million, over an area of nearly 44% of the territory of the country.

Hemus Motorway will connect Sofia with Varna and will duplicate the first-class roads E70 from Varna to Shumen, E772 from Shumen to Yablanitsa, and E83 from Yablanitsa to Sofia.

The non-completed part of the motorway starts from Yablanitsa, Lovech district, and ends at the village of Belokopitovo, Shumen district. It will connect the already completed sections in its western and eastern parts with the towns Pleven, Lovech, Veliko Tarnovo, Targovishte and Shumen. Hemus Motorway will also provide connection with the port of Varna which is crucial for the trade with Ukraine, Russia and Turkey.


Preparation of Technical Design and Construction (Engineering) of Hemus Motorway, Section from km 78+500 to km 87+800

Preparation of Technical Design and Construction (Engineering) of Site: Hemus Motorway, Section from km 310+940 to km 327+260 – from Buhovtsi Road Junction to Belokopitovo Road Junction

Europe Motorway

In late December 2018 the Council of ministers decided to change the name of road I-8 Kalotina – Sofia to Europe Motorway.

31.5 km of the existing alignment of road I-8 Kalotina – Sofia, in the section from Kalotina to Hrabarsko road junction, will be reconstructed and a new alignment will be constructed linking Hrabarsko road junction with Northern Speed Tangent.

Road I-8 is a main thoroughfare, forming a part of Corridor No. X, and its modernization will contribute to the development and improvement of the redistribution of the traffic flows along the Trans-European Transport Corridors No. IV and No. VIII in the direction of the marine border in the city of Burgas, as well as Turkey and Greece. By its connection with Corridor No. IV of the Trans-European Transport Network, the route will improve the opportunities for development of tourism.

The contracts for design and construction of 31.5 km of the road I-8 Kalotina – Sofia were signed in 2018. The road reconstruction will be implemented within two projects: