Тhree are the Open Price Bids for the Construction of a Section of "Struma" Motorway through the Kresna Gorge

08.11.2019 14:06
lot_3.3_AM_Struma_8.jpgThree are the open price bids of the admitted candidates in the public procurement procedure for selection of a contractor for design and construction of 13.2 km from the Struma Motorway, in the section between Kresna and Krupnik. This is the carriageway in Kulata – Sofia direction, which will pass east from the Kresna Gorge on a new route.

RIA Announced Public Procurement for the Development of Extended Conceptual Design and Detailed Site Development Plan of Cherno More Motorway

28.10.2019 15:06
AM_Cherno_more.jpgThe Road Infrastructure Agency has launched a public procurement for the development of an extended conceptualdesign, with the completion of full geological engineering studies and the drawing up of a detailed site development plan - plot planfor the “Cherno more” Motorway. The indicative value of the procurement is BGN 14.4 million excluding VAT.    

RIA has Launched a Public Procurement for the Construction of a Tunnel under Shipka

28.10.2019 13:33
Tunel_Shipka.jpgThe Road Infrastructure Agency has launched a tender for the selection of a contractor for the tunnel under Shipka. The value of the contract is BGN 267 225 010 excluding VAT. The deadline for submission of bids is 5:30 PM on 5 December 2019. The public procurement envisages the construction of a section with a length of 10,553 km, of which 7.6 km are new construction and 2.9 km are reconstruction of the existing road I-5 Gabrovo - Kazanlak, as well as 5 tunnels with a total length of 4,011 km. The tunnel under Shipka will be 3.22 km long. The other 4 tunnels are shorter - 171 m, 240 m, 90 m and 290 m respectively. The procedure also includes the construction of 6 bridges and 1 underpass, 12 reinforced embankments, one reinforced concrete bulkhead wall, one reinforced concrete retaining wall, etc.  

The Construction of Zheleznitsa Tunnel at Struma Motorway has Started

23.10.2019 10:15
Tunnel_Zeleznitsa_HD_3D_1.jpgThe construction of Zheleznitsa tunnel at Struma motorway has started, as well as the road sections direct before and after it. The facility will be about 2 km long and the longest road tunnel ever built in our country. The implementation is divided in three parts - the tunnel, the road before and after it, so that the site can be operated simultaneously and completed within the term of Operational Program "Transport and Transport Infrastructure" 2014-2020.