Today the traffic is commissioned in the repaired 10 km section of the Trakia/Thrace Highway between the road junction "Chirpan" and the road junction "Chirpan - East"

23.04.2021 07:50
photo_01.jpgToday at about 11 o'clock, the traffic in the repaired 10 km section of the Trakia/Thrace highway of totally 16.5 km, which began to be renewed in February, is commissioned. At the beginning of April, the repair of the 6-kilometer section between the connection for the Maritsa Highway and the Chirpan road junction was completed.

From April 26 to 29, Traffic on the Danube Bridge near Ruse Will Be stopped for 4 Hours at Night

22.04.2021 09:34
dunav_most.jpgFrom April 26 to 29 for four hours - from 20:00 to 24:00, traffic will be stopped on the Danube bridge near Ruse. The introduction of the temporary traffic organization in a 1-kilometer section is necessary for urgent repair of compromised concrete road slabs.    

10 Offers for the Construction of the Last 16,5 Kilometers of “Europe” Highway between Slivnitsa Town and Sofia City

09.04.2021 15:56
AM_Evropa.jpg10 are the opened offers in the course of the public bid for the construction of the last 16,5-kilometer-long section of “Europe” Highway between Slivnitsa town and the road connection with the Northern high-speed tangent. The route construction of “Europe” Highway between “Kalotina” Checkpoint and Sofia ring road is divided into three sections. The construction of the first two sections – from “Kalotina” Checkpoint to Dragoman town and from Dragoman town to Slivnitsa town, includes the upgrading of the existing first-class road I-8 Kalotina-Sofia.

There Are Four Open Price Offers for the Design and Construction of the Tunnel under Shipka

22.03.2021 13:40
Tunel_Shipka.jpgThe price offers in the tender procedure for selection of a builder of the tunnel under Shipka are open. The public procurement for design and construction envisages the construction of a section with a length of 10,553 km, of which 7.6 km are new construction, and 2.9 km are reconstruction of the existing road I-5 Gabrovo - Kazanlak, as well as the construction of 5 tunnels with a total length of 4,011 km. The tunnel under Shipka is going to be 3.22 km. The other 4 tunnels are smaller – respectively with the length of  171 m, 240 m, 90 m and 290 m. Another 6 bridges and 1 underpass will be built, together with 12 reinforced embankments, one reinforced concrete retaining wall, one reinforced concrete fortification wall, etc.