The Work on the Construction of the Toll System Starts

15.01.2018 14:49
2.jpgThe contract for the design, construction and commissioning of the electronic toll collection system for use of the national road network was signed today in the presence of Mr. Nikolay Nankov – Minister of Regional Development and Public Works. The document was signed by the Chairman of the Management Board of the Road Infrastructure Agency – Eng. Doncho Atanassov and by Mr. Michael Weber, representing the Contractor – the CONSORTIUM “KAPSH TRAFFIC SOLUTIONS”.

Vignettes Sold at Over 3,000 Distribution Points

02.01.2018 14:26
vinetki_2018.jpgVignettes are sold at over 3,000 distribution points across the country. 372 of them work round the clock. Such are the big petrol stations and the commercial chains, the Bulgarian Post Offices, the regional road administrations and the Border Control Checkpoints. Currently, there are over 2 million vignettes in the distribution network, out of which 900 thousand are annual vignettes for cars. Until the end of January, there will be over 5 million.

The Sale of Vignettes for 2018 Starts Up Prior to Christmas

20.12.2017 18:00
vinetki_2018.jpgThe sale of vignettes for 2018 starts up from Friday, 22 December. There will be over 2,1 million vignettes in the distribution network, out of which 900 thousand will be annual vignettes for cars. 2018 will be the third consecutive year in which prices for all car vignettes will remain unchanged. The annual vignette costs 97 BGN, the monthly one – 30 BGN and the weekly one – 15 BGN. This will be the last year where paper stickers will be used. With the establishment and introduction of the toll system in 2019, entirely electronic toll service will be implemented.

28 Offers Have Been Submitted for the Design and Construction of the Zheleznitsa Tunnel on the Struma Motorway

28.11.2017 18:59
logo-en-center.jpg28 offers have been submitted in the open procedure for the design and construction of the Zheleznitsa Tunnel on the Struma Motorway Lot 3.1. The indicative design value of this public procurement contract is 250 million Bulgarian leva, excluding VAT. The project is co-financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union and the national budget through OP Transport and Transport Infrastructure (OPTTI) 2014-2020.