On September 3, 6, and 12, at peak hours, the traffic of trucks over 12 tons will be stopped in sections of the Trakia Motorway, the Hemus Motorway and the I-1 Blagoevgrad-Kresna road. Drive wisely!

02.09.2021 17:09
heavy_3.jpgTomorrow, September 3rd, the last working day before the three holidays around the Unification Day, from 18 to 21 o’clock, the traffic of trucks over 12 tons on the Trakia Motorway in the section from Sofia to Plovdiv will be restricted /North junction/, in the direction towards Plovdiv, as well as on the Hemus Motorway from Sofia to Boaza /the roundabout at 87th km/ in the direction towards Varna. Heavy traffic on the first-class road I-1 /E79/ Blagoevgrad - Kresna in both directions /from the connection with Struma Motorway at Blagoevgrad to the connection with Struma Motorway at Kresna/ will also be stopped.

Construction of the Road for the Tower of the Viaduct at the Zheleznitsa Tunnel of the Struma Motorway is Also Ready

10.08.2021 09:54
AM_Struma_most_Jeleznica_10.08.2021_7.JPGThe pushing of the last 21st segment of the lane for the Tower of the Viaduct, which is being built before the Zheleznitsa Tunnel on the Struma Motorway, travelling from the capital to Greece, has been successfully completed.  

The Repair of the Section between Chirpan and Stara Zagora of Trakia Motorway is Expected to be Completed in the Middle of July

21.06.2021 15:56
AM_Trakia_-km_156_-_km_168_1.jpgThe repair of over 23 km of Trakia motorway between “Chirpan-east” and “Stara Zagora” road junctionsq is expected to be completed in the middle of July this year. The aim is the construction works in the section to be carried out with quality and the traffic to be restored within the shortest possible periods in order not to hinder the traffic in the active summer season.

Today the traffic is commissioned in the repaired 10 km section of the Trakia/Thrace Highway between the road junction "Chirpan" and the road junction "Chirpan - East"

23.04.2021 07:50
photo_01.jpgToday at about 11 o'clock, the traffic in the repaired 10 km section of the Trakia/Thrace highway of totally 16.5 km, which began to be renewed in February, is commissioned. At the beginning of April, the repair of the 6-kilometer section between the connection for the Maritsa Highway and the Chirpan road junction was completed.
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