10 Offers for the Construction of the Last 16,5 Kilometers of “Europe” Highway between Slivnitsa Town and Sofia City

09.04.2021 15:56
AM_Evropa.jpg10 are the opened offers in the course of the public bid for the construction of the last 16,5-kilometer-long section of “Europe” Highway between Slivnitsa town and the road connection with the Northern high-speed tangent. The route construction of “Europe” Highway between “Kalotina” Checkpoint and Sofia ring road is divided into three sections. The construction of the first two sections – from “Kalotina” Checkpoint to Dragoman town and from Dragoman town to Slivnitsa town, includes the upgrading of the existing first-class road I-8 Kalotina-Sofia.

There Are Four Open Price Offers for the Design and Construction of the Tunnel under Shipka

22.03.2021 13:40
Tunel_Shipka.jpgThe price offers in the tender procedure for selection of a builder of the tunnel under Shipka are open. The public procurement for design and construction envisages the construction of a section with a length of 10,553 km, of which 7.6 km are new construction, and 2.9 km are reconstruction of the existing road I-5 Gabrovo - Kazanlak, as well as the construction of 5 tunnels with a total length of 4,011 km. The tunnel under Shipka is going to be 3.22 km. The other 4 tunnels are smaller – respectively with the length of  171 m, 240 m, 90 m and 290 m. Another 6 bridges and 1 underpass will be built, together with 12 reinforced embankments, one reinforced concrete retaining wall, one reinforced concrete fortification wall, etc.

RIA has launched a public procurement procedure for the construction of the last 16.5 km of the Europe motorway between Slivnitsa and Sofia

26.02.2021 12:38
AM_Evropa.jpgThe Road Infrastructure Agency has launched a public tender for the construction of the last 16.5-kilometer section of the Europe motorway between Slivnitsa and the connection with the Northern Speed ​​Tangent. Candidates can submit bids until April 8 this year.  

The secondary cladding is already being laid in the Zheleznitsa tunnel on the Struma motorway

27.12.2020 09:00
Jeleznitza_01.jpgHalf of the construction activities in the Zheleznitsa tunnel of the Struma motorway have already been completed. The primary cladding of the facility on the south side reached the 931-st meter in the left and the 838-th meter in the right pipe. 837 m of the right and 838 m of the left pipe have been excavated on the north side. The laying of the secondary cladding of the tunnel has also started.
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