The Renovation of over 33 km of the Aytos Pass Began

29.07.2020 11:40
imagesCA6OQ3A7.jpgOn Friday, July 31, the rehabilitation of over 33 km of the Aytos pass – road III-208 Provadia-Daskotna – began. It is the most convenient and shortest connection for drivers from Varna district to the Trakia motorway. The investment is worth over BGN 24.3 million. The project is financed under Operational Programme “Regions in Growth” 2014-2020 through the European Regional Development Fund and the national budget. For its faster implementation, the route is divided into two lots – 29 and 30. The period for execution of the construction and installation works is 15 months.

From Today until September 10th, the Traffic of a Section of the Sofia Ring Road between the Mladost and Gorublyane Residential Quarters will be Halted to Build a New Overpass

14.06.2020 08:00
photo_09.jpgAs of noon today, the traffic on the southern arc of the Sofia Ring Road (SOP) will be restricted in the section between Gorublyane and Mladost road nodes. Due to the construction of a new overpass at 40 km from the SOP, traffic will be halted in both directions, while the transit vehicles will be diverted from the Struma, Trakia and Hemus motorways to the North Speed Tangent. Local traffic will be able to use Aleksandar Malinov blvd. and Tsarigradsko Shose blvd., as well as Samokovsko Shose in Gorublyane residential quarter and Eng. Georgi Belov str., which connect Gorublyane residential quarter and Mladost residential quarter.

Traffic on Section E-79 between Rebarkovo and Lyutidol is Closed for the Construction of the Mezdra-Botevgrad Road. Traffic will be Diverted through the Petrohan Pass and Iskar Gorge

09.06.2020 12:46
Mezdra_-_Botevgrad_21.10_1.JPGStarting tomorrow - 10 June, traffic on the section of I-1 road (E-79) between the villages of Rebarkovo and Lyutidol will be closed for the modernisation of the Mezdra - Botevgrad road. Traffic of all types of vehicles along the section of the first-class road will be limited - passenger cars and vehicles up to 12 tonnes travelling to Sofia and Vidin will pass through the Petrohan Pass - II-81 road, and through the Iskar Gorge - II-16 road. Additional bypass route for vehicles of up to 4.5 tonnes is the third class road III-161 Rebarkovo-Lyutidol and the municipal road network of the village of Lyutidol.

The Traffic Will be Released Today along the Entire Gabrovo Bypass Road

04.06.2020 07:00
Photo_Obhod_Gabrovo_01.06.2020_-_12.jpgToday at 9 am, traffic will be released on the new 12 km stretch of the Gabrovo bypass road. The section contains the largest reinforced concrete bridge facility ever built in our country, with a length of 640 m and an opening of 160 m. It was built using the “cantilever concrete” method and crosses the wide valley of the river Sinkevitsa, part of the Chehlevtsi residential area and the Voynovo residential area in Gabrovo.
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