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Construction of the Road for the Tower of the Viaduct at the Zheleznitsa Tunnel of the Struma Motorway is Also Ready

10.08.2021 09:54

AM_Struma_most_Jeleznica_10.08.2021_7.JPGThe pushing of the last 21st segment of the lane for the Tower of the Viaduct, which is being built before the Zheleznitsa Tunnel on the Struma Motorway, travelling from the capital to Greece, has been successfully completed.



The viaduct is built using an innovative technology for Bulgaria - one-stroke pushing of the superstructure with hydraulic jacks. Its characteristic feature is that a work site is used for the production of the individual elements, which are lifted and pushed forward with a hydraulic system, as each element is mounted in front of the finished one. All construction works are carried out without stopping the intensive traffic on E-79. In October of last year, the road to the capital was built. The builders then began work on the road to the Tower, with the aim of completing the bridge facility in December 2021.

The bridge crosses over 6 obstacles - the Struma River, road E79, the existing and future railway line, the municipal road and above the service road of the tunnel. The road for the Tower is 510 m long, and for Sofia - 560 m. The height of the facility in the different parts is between 10 m and 18 m, and the distance between the columns is in the range of 45 to 60 m.

 Work is also progressing on the excavation of the Zheleznitsa Tunnel - the longest road tunnel ever built in Bulgaria, with a length of about 2 km. The breach of the Zheleznitsa Tunnel was completed and the failure for the left pipe was on February 23 of this year, and for the right on February 27 of this year. All combined emergency niches in the two pipes have been completed. The 6 emergency connecting galleries were dug - 2 car and 4 pedestrian. The tunnel is built by a new Austrian method by digging about a meter and a half - two in each pipe and one direction in a day, and immediately after that the primary lining of the facility is made with fasteners, sprayed concrete and anchors. The construction activities started in October 2019 and the site is working around the clock, without a day off, and the goal is to complete it in March 2022. The tunnel will be equipped with systems for energy efficient lighting, ventilation, video surveillance, fire alarm, intelligent traffic management system, emergency SOS booths, audio and radio notification, electronic access control system, etc. A helicopter pad, two bridges over Suha Reka, which are 108 m and 18 m respectively, a retaining wall, etc. are being built in the subdivision.

The project for the construction of the Zheleznits Tunnel on the Struma Motorway is co-financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union and the national budget through the Transport and Transport Infrastructure 2014-2020 Operation Program. The section has a total length of 4.4 km and is divided into 3 subsections, including the tunnel, and a service road on both sides of the facility. The section before the tunnel, traveling from Sofia to the Tower,  where the viaduct is located, is 720 m long, and the one after it is 1.4 km. An emergency connection is being built in this section, which in the event of an unforeseen situation in the tunnel will be able to divert traffic in the direction of Sofia on the E79 road.


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