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The Construction of a Section of Mezdra - Botevgrad Road Begins

21.10.2019 17:30

Mezdra_-_Botevgrad_21.10_6.jpgThe stepwise process of construction of 13.4 km of road I-1 (E-79) Mezdra - Botevgrad, lot 2 from km 161 to km 174 starts today. The contractor has started the preparatory activities for securing the site, placing signs, removing the upper humus layer etc. All the activities that will be carried out in the coming days are aside of the existing roadway and will not in any way impede the traffic.



The construction of the Vidin - Botevgrad (167 km) segment starts from one of the most difficult sections for crossing. Therefore, the construction of nearly 33 km of the road between Mezdra and Botevgrad is divided in two sections - lot 1 (19,3 km) and lot 2 (13,4 km). The contractor of lot 2 is the partnership under the Obligations and Contracts Act DZZD MB LOT 2-2019, with participants: Evropeisky patishta AD, Vodno stroitelstvo-Blagoevgrad AD and Vahostav-SK, a.s. The contract value is BGN 266 975 906.88 including VAT. The construction supervision will be carried out by MB CONSULT DZZD, consisting of: CONTPAS EOOD, STROL - 2000 AD, N R CONSULT EOOD, PLAN INVEST PLOVDIV EOOD and ARIBAL OOD. Their contract is in the amount of BGN
2 316 600 including VAT.

There is a signed contract for the construction and supervision of lot 1, which is 19.3 km long (from km 174 to km 194). The contractor is Association GEOPAT LOT 1, with participants: Geostroy and Patstroy-92. The contract value is BGN 159 599 936,26 including VAT. The construction supervision is assigned to DZZD Mezdra Consult, consisting of: Transconsult - BG OOD and Rutex OOD. Their contract is in the amount of BGN 1 476 000 with VAT. The construction work on this lot has also begun.

The road between Mezdra and Botevgrad will provide two carriageways with two lanes in each direction, with an overall dimensions of 20 m, i.e. twice as wide as the present one, with one lane in each direction. The route will follow the existing one, which will be widened to the new overall dimension, and the current alignment will be thoroughly repaired and reconstructed where necessary. On a new terrain, the future speed way will be developed in the sections surrounding the villages Lyuti Dol, Tipchenitsa, Novachene and Skravena. Two tunnels, 490 m long and 340 m long, will be constructed on the by-pass of the village of Lyuti Dol. A number of structures will be constructed and repaired - above the railway line Mezdra - Sofia, bridges over the rivers Iskar, Mala Reka, Kalnitsa, Bebresh, Rudarka, as well as a road junction at the village of Novachene. The construction of agricultural road overpasses, recreation areas, etc. is planned.  

For the first time a new payment schedule will be applied in the execution of public procurements for road construction, which will provide for the full value of the contract to be paid to the contractor after the completion of the site and after a permit for the use of the newly constructed road section has been issued. The aim is for the contractors to work as mobilized as possible and to complete the project at a high grade and in the short term.

The Vidin - Botevgrad direction is a priority project in the investment program of RIA and MRDPW until 2022, as the complete homogenization and modernization of the Danube Bridge 2 route will ensure a fast and convenient connection between Hemus, Trakia and Struma motorways. With implementation of the project, the transit traffic will be removed from the settlements, which will enhance the traffic safety and decrease the harmful effects of noise and pollution of the environment by the intensive heavy-freight traffic.