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The New 24 km Section of Road I-5 Kardjali – Podkova is Open to Traffic

04.02.2014 12:30

sitedeady_04_01_2014.jpgThe new 24-kilometer section from road I-5 Kardjali – Podkova, a part of the road for Greece through Makaza, is open to the traffic. The Project is cо-financed by the Cohesion Fund of the European Union and the national budget under Operational Program on Transport 2007-2013. The Minister of Regional Development Desislava Terzieva, the Deputy Minister of Transport Petar Kirov, the Chairman of the Management Board of Road Infrastructure Agency, eng. Stefan Chaykov, members of Parliament, the mayors of Kardjali, Djebel, Momchilgrad, Kirkovo, etc. attended the official ceremony.


„Road Е-85 (І-5) Kardjali – Podkova from km 342+639,41 to km 367+427 and road link Fotinovo from km 0+000 to km 2+368“ is divided into two sections. The first section includes the rehabilitation of 8,2 km of road І-5 from Kardjali – the crossroads with Bulgaria blvd. up to the fork for Djebel. The second section is new construction of a section of 24,2 km – from the fork for Djebel to Podkova, as well as the road link for the village of Fotinovo, which is 2,3 km.

The alignment of the road passes through the municipalities of Momchilgrad, Djebel, Kirkovo and the village of Podkova.

The Project is important for the town of Kardjali, which represents a center of the region, and all the populated areas of the region, as traffic safety is enhanced, the connection with Greece and the access to the port in Alexandroupolis are thus facilitated, the Chairman of the Management Board of Road Infrastructure Agency, eng. Stefan Chaylov, declared. At the moment about 3 600 motor vehicles pass at the average per day and night along the direction and the traffic will increase with the commissioning of the new section, he also emphasized. Eight big-sized facilities were built up on the site. 6 of them are bridges over the rivers of Chitak Dere, Djebelska, Sarayar Dere, Bezimenna, Golyama Reka, Varbitsa as well as two agricultural subways. 9 crossroads were also built up – 7 along the direct route and 2 nos. along the road link.

DZZD Kardjali – Podkova and DZZD Prohod – Makaza are the contractors of the construction and assembly works. The construction supervision is exercised by DZZD Infrastructure – Magistralni Patishta. The author supervision for the section for rehabilitation is exercised by Via Plan EOOD and for the new construction – by Rutex Ltd.

The total value of the grant contract under the Project is in the amount of about 54 million BGN inclusive of VAT.

Road І-5 Kardjali – Podkova is a part of the Trans European Transport Network – Corridor No IX, connecting Finland and Russia with Greece through Romania and Bulgaria. It is one of the four first-class routes and represents the main connection along the direction „North - South”.


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